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Matthew Bachrad

Matthew Bachrad

The son of a real estate agent, Matthew Bachrad grew up in East Boca Raton, Florida, watching as many of South Florida's premier gated and condo developments were being built, and acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding communities, the construction process, and the importance of location. A veteran of more than ten years in the real estate industry, today he focuses on country club communities and waterfront condos in the Boca Raton area as well as New York City where he works out of the Greenwich Village office. 

Matthew is in agreement with the traditional viewpoint that the most important aspect of real estate can be summed up in three words: location, location, location. "This," he says, "can mean a particular zip code, an outstanding lot in a community, or a spectacular elevation or view in a condo. The fact is that when the time comes to sell, a premier property will usually hold its value far better than others and provide the best return." 

Matthew keeps abreast of current local market trends by constantly checking new listings, looking up property records for closing prices, and staying up to date on new construction projects. "I identify the best options for my clients," he says, "and help them every step of the way." Should a client need help in finding a painter, architect, or interior designer, for example, he will assist them in any way he can. 

"With Matthew involved, I know the deal will close and I don't have to worry about the details," comments one of his former clients on Matthew's LinkedIn page. "I couldn't ask for more from an agent. 

Matthew currently lives in Boca Raton Florida and Manhattan New York. He loves architecture, design, antiques, travel, and fine dining.

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